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Benchmarking studies

Do you need to estimate the market royalty rate for a specific industry, product or service? A RoyaltyRange benchmarking study can help you do this. Our studies can be downloaded instantly and are used by hundreds of professionals globally. You will be able to download your benchmarking study immediately after purchase. Simply select the benchmarks you require from the list below and fill out the payment form. We accept all major credit cards.

If you need a benchmarking study that covers products or services that are not listed above, please feel free to request a tailored benchmarking study service. We will prepare it for you within a few days.

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You can use our benchmarking studies for the following purposes:

  • Transfer pricing analysis
  • Valuation of intangibles
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Infringement damage calculation and expert testimony
  • License agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Patent box analysis

The benchmarking study report includes the following documents:

  • A benchmarking study report presentation containing a detailed description of the search strategy used, methodology applied and steps taken in the analysis, and a calculation of
    an arm’s length royalty rate range;
  • An appendix with a list of all the agreements used during the quantitative and qualitative screening, including the acceptance and rejection criteria; and
  • PDF sources of the original agreements used in the calculation of the royalty rate range.

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