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Private company database for sales and marketing

Access rich company data and quality leads to help you enter new markets, find new customers and scale your business

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Enrich your current client base and discover new opportunities
Find sales and marketing leads that are not available elsewhere
Unlock new regions and geographies beyond your current radar
Benefits of using private company database

Benefits of using private company database

Our company database is specifically designed to help sales and marketing teams find quality leads that are underrepresented on Linkedin and other platforms. With our rich company data, you’ll be empowered to generate fresh, highly relevant leads, enter new geographical markets and confidently engage the decision-makers within your prospects.
All in a fraction of the time it usually takes you to generate new leads.

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How can our database help you?

Build custom lists

  • Build tailored lead lists based on company data, including size, industry, region and revenue
  • Search companies by keywords, activity codes and industries
  • Check ownership and management structures to identify decision-makers

Target the right people

  • Focus on the highest-probability leads
  • Grow your customer base and boost your pipeline by identifying the right companies
  • Analyze markets, explore the competition and evaluate counterparties

Maximise sales opportunities

  • Enrich, refresh and fill the gaps in your CRM data
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns and initiatives
  • Effectively align your sales and marketing resources

An easy-to-use database built for lead generation

The database is built for quality lead searches and allows you to locate completely new leads within undiscovered market segments. Get data from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech, Baltic, Denmark, Greece, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and more.

Wide range of data

  • Records from more than 75 million private and public companies
  • Data compiled from national registries
  • Data from companies that are underrepresented online
  • Data from companies that are difficult to locate elsewhere

Customizable search options

  • 60+ filters for your search
  • Efficient keyboard search and keyword suggestions
  • Keyword wizard for search expansion
  • NACE/SIC activity code search

User - friendly database interface

  • Website addresses and detailed company descriptions
  • Rich data, including FTE, revenue, inventories and profits
  • Visual connections for detailed review
  • The ability to export in different views and formats

Key features in detail

  • Search by company activity

    Filter your search by keyword, company activity description or NACE code.

    You can perform a time-saving qualification of leads by looking at the company descriptions, relevant keywords and activity codes, and clicking on the website addresses.

  • Clearly presented company data

    Each company’s information is displayed using clear tabs. It is divided into
    company data, ownership data, financials and financial ratios. You can
    find both current and historical data.

    For each company, you can quickly see:

    • Email addresses
    • Websites
    • Number of employees
    • Turnover and other financials

    For a more in-depth analysis of your prospects, you can view the company
    connections and ownership visual charts. These show you how companies
    within the database are connected.

    For example, by:

    • Beneficial owners
    • Shareholders
    • Management
    • Addresses
    • Websites
    • Email addresses

    You can also access information on management and branches.

  • Fine-tuning your search results

    The database’s flexible filter capabilities let you fine-tune your search
    results to the optimal size using customizable filters.

    You have access to 40 financial and financial ratios filters, as well as
    general company and ownership filters.

    This means you can conduct a fully customized search to pinpoint the
    exact leads you are looking for.

  • Flexible download and import options

    The data can be downloaded in two Excel formats – structured and list
    view. You can structure the view to show you the most important data

    The visual connection and ownership charts can be downloaded in picture,
    Excel or CSV formats.

    You can also import the data into other software as needed – for example,
    CRM, ERP, accounting and marketing automation software.

Multiple ways to use our database

You can use our database on a subscription or one-off basis.
In order to provide a database subscription that best meets your organization’s requirements, we’ll put together a custom subscription package based on your needs.
Or access the database on a one-off basis, with RoyaltyRange performing the initial lead search at no cost.

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Multiple ways to use our database
Try it for free

Try it for free

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Why RoyaltyRange?

RoyaltyRange is a global transfer pricing data provider known for providing in-depth, high-quality data. Our databases are used by over 1,000 clients in 70+ countries – from tax authorities and international consulting companies to multinational enterprises. We have four databases, covering private company financials, royalty rates, service fees and loan interest rates. We also have tools for benchmarking, DEMPE and credit rating estimation.