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Find comparable company financials quickly and efficiently

Private company financials database built for transfer pricing

Reliable data
TNMM/CPM benchmarking tool
Benefits of using financials database for transfer pricing

Benefits of using financials database for transfer pricing

Our private company financials database is specifically designed to support your transfer pricing analysis.
Built for TNMM comparables searches, it lets you find relevant detailed financials from comparable companies, while saving time and achieving a higher-quality TNMM analysis.
With targeted transfer pricing search capabilities, you get easy access to global financial data from over 100 million companies in a way that is specifically tailored to transfer pricing.

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This is more than a company financials database

This is a powerful transfer pricing tool that takes the unnecessary time and legwork out of conducting a TNMM comparables analysis.

With our database, you get access to:

  • Detailed financials, including P&L, balance sheet and financial ratios
  • 65 filters for transfer pricing search
  • Direct and indirect ownership information and filters
  • Efficient keyword search and keyword suggestions
  • NACE/SIC activity code search
  • Company website addresses and detailed company descriptions
  • Transfer pricing ratio filtering, e.g. Berry ratio
  • Rich data, including COGS, gross profit, FTE and inventories
  • Visual ownership charts showing connected entities, with the ability to click each entity to review it in detail
  • Original company filings for download
  • Export options with different views and formats
With our database, you get access to:

Fast, intuitive interface

  • Our database interface is fast, consistent and easy to use. Built specifically for transfer pricing searches, the search process follows the TNMM benchmarking process logic.

Easy-to-review company data

  • Information on each company is displayed clearly using intuitive, structured information tabs. Wherever possible, we use clickable visual charts to make the data easier to review.

65 transfer pricing search filters for an efficient, targeted search

You can filter your search by:

  • Financials
  • Financial ratios
  • General company data
  • Ownership information
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Key features in detail

  • Search by company activity

    Filter your search by keyword, company activity description or NACE code.
    You can perform a time-saving qualification of leads by looking at the company descriptions, relevant keywords and activity codes, and clicking on the website addresses.

  • Filter by independence

    Apply transfer pricing-specific shareholder and shareholding independence filters
    to see the direct and indirect ownership data of a company.
    This includes:

    • Ownership percentages
    • Current and historical ownership
    • Shareholding information
    • Beneficial owner information

    View the results quickly on a helpful visual ownership connection chart.

  • In-depth independence analysis

    You can also conduct a more detailed independence analysis by learning
    how companies in the database are connected.
    For example, companies may be connected by:

    • Beneficial owners
    • Shareholders
    • Management
    • Addresses
    • Websites
    • Emails

    Our company connections visual chart helps you review this information
    quickly and easily.

  • Further filters for fine-tuning your results

    Once you have an initial set of company data, you can apply further filters
    to fine-tune the results.
    These include:

    • P&L items availability filter
    • FTE filter
    • Turnover filter
    • Berry ratio filter
    • Date of incorporation filter

    You have access to 20 financial filters and more than 20 financial ratio
    filters, plus general company and ownership filters.

Flexible download formats

Flexible download formats

You can download the company, financials and ownership data and calculated financial ratios in two Excel formats – structured and list view.
You can also download original company filings and other documents in their original format.
Visual connection and ownership charts can be downloaded in pictures, Excel or CSV formats.

Weekly or yearly subscription options

We offer weekly or yearly subscription access to suit your needs. All options include unlimited access to the database, as well as live phone or chat support. Your subscription can incorporate any combination of our transfer pricing databases and tools to suit your projects.

Your investment

In order to provide a database subscription that best meets your organization’s requirements, we’ll put together a custom subscription package based on your needs.

Try it for free

Try it for free

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Why RoyaltyRange?

RoyaltyRange is a global transfer pricing data provider known for providing in-depth, high-quality data. Our databases are used by over 1,000 clients in 70+ countries – from tax authorities and international consulting companies to multinational enterprises. We have four databases, covering private company financials, royalty rates, service fees and loan interest rates. We also have tools for benchmarking, DEMPE and credit rating estimation.