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Find the right suppliers quickly and confidently

Supplier risk management database with private company and ownership records from more than 75 million companies

A comprehensive and easy way to manage supplier risk and compliance

A comprehensive and easy way to manage supplier risk and compliance

As a procurement leader, you manage an array of responsibilities – from needs identification to vendor management and compliance screening.
Not only do you have to identify the right supplier and keep track of vendor performance.
You also have to manage compliance risks like anti-corruption, policy and global norms adherence, business involvement in sensitive sectors, global sanctions and carbon footprint.
We understand the difficulties and complexities of having to perform a holistic review of suppliers while under business pressure and often with limited data.
That’s why we’ve developed a private company and ownership database that lets you review suppliers quickly, easily, accurately and comprehensively.

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You’ll get access to:

  • Global data from more than 75 million private companies
  • Direct and indirect current and historical ownership information
  • Visual ownership and company connections for detailed review
  • Detailed financials, including P&L, balance sheet and financial ratios
  • Rich data, including profits, costs, FTE numbers and inventories
  • Website addresses and detailed company descriptions
  • Original company filings for download and further analysis
You’ll get access to:

Easy-to-use database built for in-depth research

  • Our database lets you perform supplier risk analysis, identify corporate linkage and ownership structures, locate alternative suppliers and compare against peer performance.
  • This database was specifically built for compliance and procurement risk management.
  • It provides visibility for managing risks, assessing partners and suppliers, performing peer reviews and finding optimal alternatives.

65 transfer pricing search filters for an efficient, targeted search

You can filter your search by:

  • Financials
  • Financial ratios
  • General company data
  • Ownership information
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Key features in detail

  • Filter by company activity

    Filter your search by keyword, company activity description or NACE code. You can perform a time-saving review by looking at the company descriptions, relevant keywords and activity codes, and clicking on the website addresses.

  • Detailed, clearly organized company data

    Information on each company is arranged into company, ownership, financials, financial ratios, branch information and downloadable documents tabs.

    Detailed and structured information tabs provide both current and historical available information.

    Original company filings and other documents are also available for downloading.

  • Ownership and corporate linkage

    You can access company ownership information on direct owners and indirect owners up to the beneficial owners at the top of the structure in Europe and abroad.

    This includes current and historic ownership information.

    You can also explore corporate linkage data, which is based on many different parameters, including management connections, company phone numbers and emails used.

    Our visual ownership charts display thousands of connections for companies, which can be conveniently filtered and explored individually by clicking on the connecting entities.

  • Further filters for fine-tuning your results

    Once you have an initial set of company data, you can apply further filters to fine-tune the results.

    These include:

    • P&L items availability filter
    • FTE filter
    • Turnover filter
    • Berry ratio filter
    • Date of incorporation filter

    You have access to 20 financial filters and more than 20 financial ratio filters, plus general company and ownership filters.

Flexible download formats

Flexible download formats

You can download the company, financials and ownership data and calculated financial ratios in two Excel formats – structured and list view.
You can also download original company filings and other documents in their original format.
Visual connection and ownership charts can be downloaded in pictures, Excel or CSV formats.

Yearly or multi-year subscription options

We offer yearly or multi-year subscription access to suit your needs. All options include unlimited access to the database, as well as live phone or chat support.

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Your investment

In order to provide a database subscription that best meets your organization’s requirements, we’ll put together a custom subscription package based on your needs.

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Try it for free

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Why RoyaltyRange?

RoyaltyRange is a global transfer pricing data provider known for providing in-depth, high-quality data. Our databases are used by over 1,000 clients in 70+ countries – from tax authorities and international consulting companies to multinational enterprises. We have four databases, covering private company financials, royalty rates, service fees and loan interest rates. We also have tools for benchmarking, DEMPE and credit rating estimation.