Can you do a patent search in the RoyaltyRange database?


Can you do a patent search in the RoyaltyRange database_

The quick answer to the question ‘Can you do a patent search in the RoyaltyRange database?’ is: yes. You can find patents and patent documentation when you search our royalty rates database.

However, RoyaltyRange is not a patent search database. You can find patents as part of your search for royalty rates and licensing agreements (we’ll explain how this works below). Basically, if you’re looking for patents that have been licensed, you can use the RoyaltyRange database to find them. If you’re looking to see if a patent already exists, you should use a patent search database.

How to find patents in the RoyaltyRange database

How to do a patent search in the RoyaltyRange database

When you search the RoyaltyRange database for recent licensing agreements involving patents, you’ll be able to see the actual patents licensed in those agreements. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to One Search, add your details to the search request box (make sure you tick the ‘Type’ option and write ‘Patent’), and submit your search request
  2. Within a few hours, we’ll send you an easy-to-read preview of all the licensing agreements involving patents that fit your search criteria (you can’t view the actual patents at this point)
  3. If you’re happy with our selection, you can pay for the data to see the full report, including the royalty rates set in the patent licensing agreements.

What information do you get with a RoyaltyRange patent search?

When you complete your search, you will receive a full royalty rates report in an Excel format, as well as links to the original documentation used in the licensing agreements. These include the licensing agreements themselves, and the actual patents. You will see a patent description synopsis and pictures of the invention, and any other patent documentation that was included.

Get in-depth, valuable data about each patent

For inventors looking to license their patent rights to a licensee, the RoyaltyRange database provides a much more detailed overview of each patent than a typical patent search database.

You’ll be able to quickly understand the market value of the patent, the details of how it was licensed, and what royalty rates were set for its use. This information is invaluable if you need to value your patent or calculate fair and accurate royalty rates for a patent licensing agreement.

As well as all this, you’ll get access to the patent itself, and patent documentation like a synopsis of the patent description and pictures of the invention that the patent covers.

Start your patent search today

So, that’s how to do a patent search in the RoyaltyRange database. To get started, simply submit your search request by visiting our One Search page or by using the form to the right of this page.

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