Company financials database: for TNMM benchmarking studies


The RoyaltyRange’s company financials database is a powerful transfer pricing tool, that takes the unnecessary time and legwork out of conducting a TNMM comparables analysis. With this database, you get company data with a superior level of depth and accuracy.

Our private company financials database is specifically designed to support your transfer pricing analysis. With targeted transfer pricing search capabilities, you get easy access to global financial data from 100 million companies in a way that is specifically tailored to transfer pricing.

Main features of our Private and public company financials database:

  • Built for transfer pricing TNMM comparables searches
  • Records from millions of private and public companies globally
  • Detailed financials, including P&L, balance sheet and financial ratios
  • 65 filters for transfer pricing search
  • Direct and indirect ownership information and filters
  • Efficient keyword search and keyword suggestions
  • NACE/SIC activity code search
  • Company website addresses and detailed company descriptions
  • Transfer pricing ratio filtering, e.g., Berry ratio
  • Rich data, including COGS, gross profit, FTE and inventories
  • Visual ownership for detailed reviews
  • Original company filings available for download
  • Export options with different views and formats

Our database interface is fast, consistent and easy to use. Built specifically for transfer pricing searches, the search process follows the TNMM benchmarking process logic.

Information on each company is displayed clearly using intuitive, structured information tabs. Wherever possible, we use clickable visual charts to make the data easier to review.

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