Everything you need to know about our patent royalty rate database


Everything you need to know about our patent royalty rate database

Our patent royalty rate database is an invaluable resource for anyone who needs data on third-party patent royalties and licenses. Simply tell us your search criteria and we’ll prepare a tailored report on relevant patent licensing agreements, highlighting the royalty rates and other key factors.

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about using our patent royalty rate database.

Our patent royalty rate database
Our patent royalty rate database

Patent royalties data for transfer pricing, valuation, litigation and more

Our database is intended for anyone who needs to find reliable third-party data on patent royalties.

In particular, it is commonly used by:

  • Transfer pricing professionals analyzing intercompany transactions involving patent rights
  • Intellectual property valuation professionals that need to value a patented product
  • Professionals drafting a license agreement involving the transfer of patent rights
  • Organizations looking to submit a Patent Box application

What our patent royalty rate database includes

For each search you request, we will send you a clear, detailed and easy-to-understand report on relevant patent license agreements. The report draws out the key information for each license agreement, including the geographical scope, exclusivity and remuneration terms. The quick-to-read format enables you to find the patent royalties information you need quickly and easily.

For each license agreement within the report, you will also get a link to the actual patent it covers. You will be able to see a synopsis of the patent and pictures of the invention.

The types of patent licenses you can find

Our database contains data gathered from a wide range of patent license agreements. As such, you’ll be able to find third-party data that is relevant to the specific circumstances of your product.

Some of the agreements simply involve the transfer of patent rights. On the other hand, some involve multiple intellectual property types – for example, technology, trademarks and know-how.

You can find patents for products in various stages of development. For example, if you need to find patent royalties in the pharmaceutical industry, you may want to narrow your search just for patented inventions in preclinical, approval or marketing stages. Just let us know what you need.

Where do we get our patent royalty rates data?

All our data comes from real patent licensing agreements that are available from public sources. We only include license agreements between independent parties. Our professionals analyze each patent license agreement for comparability and present the key data in an easy-to-read format.

How much does it cost?

This depends which service you choose. Here are our most popular database options:

  • One Search: You should use this option if you want to search our patent royalty rate database on a one-off basis. It costs €500 (+VAT). For €200 (+VAT) more, you can get a write-up.
  • Subscription: Our Standard subscription plan costs €3,800 (+VAT) for 12 months. We also offer Business and Enterprise plans, which we can provide the prices for on request.
  • Benchmarking study: If you want to benchmark the royalty rate for patented products in your industry, we can prepare an in-depth benchmarking study. This costs €2,000 (+VAT).

Start your search for patent royalties today

To start your search for patent royalty rates, simply scroll to the bottom of this page, where you will find our One Search form. Enter your search criteria and click ‘Submit’. Within just a few hours, our experts will contact you with a report of relevant patent license agreements and royalty rates. You will see a preview of the report at first – once you pay, you will have full access to all the data.

Request royalty rate search

We will perform the search and deliver the initial results within hours, at no cost.


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