Introducing Private Company Financials Database


We are delighted to announce the launch of the Company Financials Database. This is a powerful and transparent database with a well-thought-through interface and search capabilities, and high-quality data.

With this tool, you will be able to perform any transfer pricing TNMM analysis with a significant reduction in time you spend and an increase in quality.


“We have been investing heavily in our Company Financials Database. Our team spent years developing easy-to-use, intuitive world-class product that follows strict transfer pricing requirements. In fact, the information is procured from official sources, such as the company registers, so the data is extensive, deep and rich,” says K. Rudzika, Managing Partner at RoyaltyRange.

So, what are the strengths of our database?

  • Tens of millions of private companies in Europe
  • US company data
  • Detailed financials – P&L, balance sheet and financial ratios
  • 65 filters for transfer pricing search
  • Direct and indirect ownership information and filters
  • Efficient keyword search and keyword suggestions
  • NACE/SIC activity code search
  • Website addresses and detailed company descriptions
  • Transfer pricing ratio filtering, e.g. Berry ratio
  • Rich data – COGS, gross profit, FTE, inventories
  • Visual ownership for detailed review
  • Original company filings for downloading
  • Export in different views and formats

“Our solution is very comprehensive and relevant, because it gives you unrivalled scale and depth of data, from company connections and ownership visualization, display of direct and indirect ownership up to the ultimate beneficial owners, current and historical ownership,” adds K. Rudzika.

The database was built for transfer pricing and the search process follows the transfer pricing benchmarking process logic. A well-thought-through and thoroughly designed interface allows for many customizable search options, structured data display and visualization.

Any search returns a large number of relevant companies based on the company activities. A powerful built-for-purpose search engine ranks and displays the results. A time-saving comparability check can be performed by looking at the company descriptions, relevant keywords and activity codes, and by clicking on website addresses.

Transfer-pricing-specific shareholder and shareholding independence filters can be applied. Both direct and indirect ownership data is used for independence filters. Direct and indirect ownership is displayed with percentages in a visual ownership connection chart. Detailed current and historical ownership, shareholding and beneficial owner information is available.

20 financial filters and more than 20 financial ratios filters, along with many general company and ownership filters, allow you to design, use, save and share the optimal search strategy.

Our database offers you the flexibility to create various download versions and formats. Company information, financials, ownership data and calculated financial ratios can be downloaded in different excel formats. Users are also able to download original company filings and other documents in the original format. In addition, visual connection and ownership charts can be downloaded in pictures, Excel or CSV formats.

Perform smarter, faster searches and benchmarking studies using built-for-purpose interface, tools and high-quality data. You can save time and increase the quality of your deliverables.

Please request a free trial and see for yourselves.

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