IP Counsel Café Sponsored by RoyaltyRange


IP Counsel Café Sponsored by RoyaltyRange

IP Counsel Café is a conference for law leaders who positively contribute to the IP law society, and we are glad to be sponsoring it. It is a great platform for debates between the present and future leaders IP law leaders, and a great networking opportunity. This year’s topic  “A New Era for IP Owners: Confronting the Penalties of Globalization” allows speakers to discuss such important subjects as:

  • Changing patent protection regulations and its effects on the world
  • Current patent litigation trends
  • Calculating royalty rates and more
  • Establishing licensing fees
  • Developing a global IP strategy under the shadow of protectionism
  • Litigation risks and business opportunities
  • Recent developments, security concerns, and best practices for ensuring compliance
  • Importance of licensing

and more. Let’s meet in Silicon Valley to discuss the impact of globalization on the IP ecosystem.

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