OECD Blockchain Policy Forum


RoyaltyRange contributing to OECD Blockchain Policy Forum

We are proud to announce that our director Kris (Kestutis) Rudzika will participate in the OECD Blockchain Policy Forum taking place on 4-5 September in Paris!

Blockchain is a fairly new technology with a lot of potential to transform many industries. Yet it still raises a lot of questions and requires more attention. Blockchain is the perfect tool for increasing transparency, efficiency, and traceability of transactions. The quest for the implementation of blockchain depends heavily on the design of adequate policies aimed at managing the potential misuse of this technology.

This OECD Blockchain Forum is the first major international conference addressing the impact of Blockchain on government activities and public priorities.

The conference will cover  topics such as:

  • Blockchain’s potential for global economic impact
  • Use of blockchain to strengthen governance and enforcement practices
  • Use of blockchain to enhance inclusiveness
  • Use of blockchain to promote green growth and sustainability
  • Privacy and cybersecurity implications

400 of industry senior decision-makers will be participating in this event.  Let‘s meet at the 2018 OECD Blockchain Policy Forum and create the future together.

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