Ready-made One Search reports


Ready-made One Search reports

The importance of timely and reliable data is crucial in today’s quick decision-making and multitasking working environment. RoyaltyRange offers a solution that you can obtain to improve the workflows. Use a ready-made One Search service to save your time.

Choose from more than 200 industries and select an already-made royalty rate or license agreement report.  The sets of reports were created by our experts from the One Search team. With our ready-made royalty rate reports, you can preview and instantly obtain the royalty rate comparables data.

How you can use our data

These reports can be used for many purposes, such as tax, transfer pricing, valuation, legal, Patent Box, purchase price allocation, and benchmarking. Each report includes details of up to 50 comparability factors, links to original sources, and full texts of original agreements and filings.

What kind of information can be found in the reports?

Our data is compiled as per the OECD BEPS guidance on intangibles. In the final Excel report, you will receive structured information about:

  • Types of intangibles: patents, know-how, technology, software, trade secrets, brands, trademarks, trade names, franchises, and other manufacturing or marking intangibles.
  • NACE and SIC industrial classification codes.
  • Names of the licensors and licensees.
  • Detailed object and industry description.
  • Information about limitations, like geographical scope, validity information, duration terms, and date of the agreement, exclusivity.
  • Restrictions of the use, exploitation, reproduction, further transfer, and further development, extent, and duration of legal protection.
  • Specific features: rights to enhancements, revisions, and updates.
  • DEMPE functional analysis: functions, risks, costs, and assets.
  • Remuneration: royalty rates, base, compensation details, and other fixed payments.
  • Patent or trademark numbers and synopsis.
  • Links to the original documents and patent or trademark images.

You can download a short version and a sample of royalty rate data.

Public and official comparables for your benchmarking analysis

Ready-made One Search reports contain information about the public and official royalty rate agreements. For your benchmarking analysis, you will be able to provide proof of each comparable, as the original documents are available. The information is collected from more than 20 reliable data sources:

  • US Securities and Exchange Commission
  • International court databases (e.g. British and Irish Legal Information databases)
  • Canada’s SEDAR system,
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange,
  • London Stock Exchange,
  • Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange,
  • Indian Stock Exchange (National),
  • Indian Stock Exchange (Mumbai),
  • Oslo Stock Exchange,
  • Singapore Stock Exchange,
  • Australian Stock Exchange,
  • Malaysia Stock Exchange,
  • Saudi Stock Exchange,
  • Thailand Stock Exchange,
  • Indonesia Stock Exchange,
  • Nigerian Stock Exchange,
  • Dhaka Stock Exchange,
  • New Zealand Stock Exchange,
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange,
  • Austrian Stock Exchange,
  • California Department of Business Oversight and more.

How to get comparables data

Find a list of more than 200 ready-made One Search reportsContact us if you would like to know more about the service.

Easy steps of service ordering:

  1. Select royalty rates by industry: Simply select and download a preview set of potentially comparable license agreements from the list.
  2. Review the set: Review the agreement reports to ensure that they are relevant in terms of object and other comparability factors. Certain sections of the reports remain undisclosed for the purposes of the preview.
  3. Pay for the set: If you are happy with the results, you can then choose to pay for and download the data.
  4. Download the full reports and agreements: Download the fully disclosed reports and original agreements immediately after you make your payment.

If you need comparables for industries, products, or services that are not on the list, please feel free to request a tailored One Search report or ask for extended search possibilities. We will prepare the agreements for you within a few hours.

Request royalty rate search

We will perform the search and deliver the initial results within hours, at no cost.