Royalty Rates Database for Universities: Technology Transfer and Commercialization Support


Many universities are involved in technology transfer and commercialization efforts, aiming to bring research innovations to the market.

RoyaltyRange’s database can assist technology transfer offices in benchmarking licensing agreements, setting appropriate royalty rates, and making informed decisions about licensing strategies. This can help universities optimize the commercialization of their intellectual property assets and establish fair and competitive licensing terms that benefit both the university and its licensees.

We are the Premier-Quality Royalty Rates Database and we provide data on third-party license agreements. With the database interface, you can calculate the interquartile range easily. This will help during the negotiation process to set a correct royalty rate for your project. For the benchmarking study, you will be able to provide the proof with original documents, as they are available to download in our database. With our structured data, your workflow will be easier and more effective.

Use our database and receive:

  • High-quality, fully analyzed, clean and structured data for each agreement.
  • data which could be used for the technology transfer.
  • Agreements that are manually analyzed for more than 50 comparability factors.
  • Detailed summaries of the agreement terms and comparability factors.
  • Original licensing agreements are available to download.
  • Data comes from the public and official sources.
  • Easy to calculate interquartile range.


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