RoyaltyRange at EU Blockchain Roundtable



RoyaltyRange at the EU Blockchain Roundtable

RoyaltyRange blockchain expert Steve Tendon attended EU Blockchain Roundtable: “Bringing industry together for European leadership in blockchain technologies” organized by EU Commission. Steve was a Strategic Advisor on the National Blockchain Strategy Taskforce of the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta and he created the “Blockchain Island” concept for Malta. He is a top expert on blockchain and a widely known speaker and author.

quote by Director-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Roberto Viola

Agenda of the EU Blockchain Roundtable

The EU Blockchain Industry Roundtable, which took place on 20 November 2018, is an important event which helps to lay the ground rules on how to support the deployment of blockchain in the European Union. The blockchain is making more and more noise about its potential and numerous ways to be applicable in everyday life. That’s why it is vital to stress the importance of setting the right conditions for blockchain technology to develop and boost Europe’s chances of maintaining its leadership in this field. Since blockchain technology could be applicable to a wide range of sectors and industries it will make an impact on energy grids, healthcare, the financial sector, supply chains, manufacturing, transport, education, the creative industries and the public sector among many more.

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