RoyaltyRange at the IVth Meeting of the CIAT International Taxation Network


On 21-23rd September, our Managing Partner Kris (Kestutis) Rudzika will attend the IVth Meeting of the CIAT International Taxation Network, 2021.

“I am glad to attend the event again and meet our friends and colleagues. CIAT is involved in a number of important initiatives and we are happy to share our knowledge and contribute.” says Kris (Kestutis) Rudzika, Managing Partner at RoyaltyRange.

This is the second time that Kris (Kestutis) Rudzika will be attending the forum. In 2019, he attended the third meeting of the International Taxation Network as a guest speaker. He shared his knowledge and best practices in transfer pricing and intangibles valuation.

The third meeting of the International Taxation Network was held in September 2019 at the Maastricht University campus in Brussels, Belgium.

For several years, CIAT has formed several thematic networks that carry out initiatives in coordination with its member countries, CIAT’s partner organizations, study centers, and international donors. One of them is the International Taxation Network, whose antecedent is the Committee on International Taxation created in the 2000s, which was responsible for elaborating the 2007 Manual on Aggressive International Tax Planning, among other initiatives.

Forum organized by CIAT’s International Taxation Network promotes the exchange of experiences between professionals working in the field of international tax through different capacities (tax administrations, ministries of finance, study and research centres, NGOs, international organizations, cooperation programs and agencies, private sector) as well as the identification and execution of related initiatives (Manuals, Toolkits, Databases, technical assistance, etc.)

On this occasion, the main program will be a session, available to tax professionals from tax administrations and private sector representatives, whose purpose it is to exchange experiences and viewpoints on selected topics, as well as to disseminate the work of CIAT and other organizations.

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