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Why RoyaltyRange?

RoyaltyRange is a professional database provider with 4 solutions, covering the company financials database for TNMM benchmarking studies, royalty rates, loan interest rates and service fees.

Our clients like multinational enterprises, global consulting companies, international law firms, universities and tax authorities in more than 99+ countries use our databases to access data quickly and easily.

More than 1700+ clients worldwide use the databases supplied by RoyaltyRange.


Company financials database

Database designed to support Transactional Net Margin Method analysis for Transfer Pricing. The main features of the database include:

-Companies have a unique detailed company business descriptions
Detailed financials –P&L, balance sheet and financial ratios

-The database includes 100 million private unlisted and public listed companies.

-65 filters for Transfer Pricing searches

-Direct and indirect ownership information and filters

-Efficient keyword search and keyword suggestions

-NACE/SIC activity code search

-Website addresses and detailed company descriptions

-Transfer Pricing ratio filtering, e.g. Berry ratio

-Rich data – COGS, gross profit, FTE, inventories

-Visual ownership for detailed reviews

-Original company filings available for download

-Export options in different views and formats


Royalty rates database

Database consists of royalty rate reports that contain manually gathered and analyzed data, so each report is a result of deep and thorough analysis. The reports contain more than 50 detailed and standardized comparability factors of royalty rates and licensing terms. Each report is supplemented with original non-redacted agreements, as well as filings and other types of documents, from which the data is gathered. Each report contains a detailed analysis of the identification of intangibles and their legal owner; a characterization of the transaction involving the intangibles, and the royalty rate percentage; and a detailed functional, risk, cost and asset analysis.


RoyaltyRange’s specialists analyze the data and only add to the database agreements that comply with our strict criteria for quality standards, which are based on the newest OECD BEPS regulations.

We provide cleaned and official data in the royalty rates database. The following types of agreements are excluded from the database:

-Agreements between related parties (in some situations, these may be included)

-Agreements with undisclosed remuneration mechanisms

-Royalty-free agreements

-Agreements where royalties are expressed in a form other than a percentage

-Agreements with individuals, universities and other non-commercial entities (in some situations, these may be included)


Service fees database

Database which contains detailed data on recent agreements for 30+ service types, including distribution, management, agency and procurement. The main features of the database include:

-High-quality data that complies with guidelines from the OECD and US Treas. Reg. §1.482.

-Data that is manually analyzed for up to 20 comparability factors.

-Agreements with 60+ types of fees, including sales commissions, management fees, brokerage commissions, and agency fees.

-Agreements with remuneration based on 30+ fee bases, including sales, cost, EBITDA, and asset value.


Loan interest rates database

Database which contains 2015–2023 third-party loan agreements data for Transfer Pricing benchmarking studies. The main features of the database include:

-Premier-quality financial transactions data that is compliant with the OECD’s guidelines and US Treas. Reg. §1.482.

-Loan agreements that have been analyzed for 30 comparability factors.

-In-depth overviews of credit ratings, financing terms, currencies, interest rates, fees, collateral, repayment terms and other comparability factors.



The RoyaltyRange database has been featured in publications by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Bank Group (WBG), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and United Nations (UN).

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