RoyaltyRange is proud to sponsor TPMinds International 2020


RoyaltyRange at TP Minds International

Along with TP Minds Americas in Miami, RoyaltyRange is also a proud sponsor of the biggest transfer pricing event in the world – TP Minds International, which will be taking place on the March 23-26 at Hilton Bankside, London.

The event will feature in-house transfer pricing professionals, most accomplished specialist advisors, and policymakers at the forefront of international tax and TP. Among those speaking, we can find transfer pricing leaders from various multinational Fortune 500 companies, international organizations, and tax authorities.

This year’s event will be focusing on the most pressing issues to deal with when going into 2020. This includes, but is not limited to, discussions on the OECD’s “Unified Approach” and its foreseeable impact on corporations, the allocation of taxing rights between jurisdictions and nexus, the notions of PEs, as well as the applicability of the arm’s length principle. In addition to this, the conference will give the attendees the opportunity to listen to professionals’ insights about the development of new global minimum tax rules, the challenges that MNEs are facing, the impact of exchange of information not just pertaining to do with CbCR, but also the potential of information leaks and breaches of confidentiality. Another big topic on the table will be the ways to handle global transfer pricing controversy by preventing, managing, and resolving disputes in the post BEPS world and the increasing demand for transparency.

Do not miss the chance to network with fellow transfer pricing and international tax professionals and gain valuable experience while at it. You can expect exclusive insights, case studies, Oxford-style debates, unique workshops, on-stage interviews, and countless opportunities to learn from the best. Discussing the pivotal points of tax with experts from the OECD, the Big 4, and various MNEs surely makes the event worth the while of any seasoned transfer pricing professional.

Prepare for three days of essential training and meet us in London! Make sure to visit our stand and chat with the RoyaltyRange team.

If you are interested in attending the event, reach out to us before March 17th, and we can provide you with a VIP partner discount, or maybe even a free pass.

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