RoyaltyRange is sponsoring the ITR Global Transfer Pricing Forum Europe 2023


RoyaltyRange is a proud sponsor of the upcoming ITR Global Transfer Pricing Forum Europe. The 23rd Annual Forum takes place in Convene at  Bishopsgate, London on 26 – 27 September 2023.

The Transfer Pricing Forum gathers transfer pricing professionals and tax leaders to capture recent trends and developments of transfer pricing, insights about changes and effects on the business, and TP strategy adaptation to today‘s uncertainty.

What to expect? Speakers, sharing practical insights, interesting panel  discussions, in-depth chats, and, of course, RoyaltyRange booth. Sponsorship of the event demonstrates our company’s commitment to supporting the transfer pricing community and providing valuable resources to transfer pricing professionals.

We are keen to show the whole transfer pricing solution by RoyaltyRange. The company financials database for the TNMM benchmarking studies is built by TP experts. The in-depth data is collected from official companies registries in various countries. With our database, you can use original financial information for your benchmarking study. In one platform you can find company financials, royalty rates, service fees and loan interest rates databases. Also, tools for benchmarking, DEMPE analytics and credit
rating estimation.

Let‘s meet at ITR Global Transfer Pricing Forum Europe in London on 26-27 September 2023.

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