RoyaltyRange is sponsoring the Uniglobal’s 9th Annual Corporate Tax and Transfer Pricing Summit in Berlin


RoyaltyRange is proud to be an exhibitor sponsor at Uniglobal’s 9th Annual Corporate Tax and Transfer Pricing Summit, which will take place on 1 – 2 February 2024, at Courtyard, Berlin, Germany.

Uniglobal’s 9th Annual Corporate Tax and Transfer Pricing Summit in Berlin stands as a pivotal gathering for the global business community. It unites Transfer Pricing and Tax experts and decision-makers to address critical issues in Corporate Tax and Transfer Pricing. The summit offers a valuable platform for exchanging best practices, acquiring insights from industry leaders, and navigating the evolving tax landscape.

The event will focus on first-hand experience from Corporate Tax & Transfer Pricing executives and their strategies in implementing the latest regulations, identifying the areas of improvement, and creating an operational framework for tax functions. Join the event and get in-depth knowledge from industry experts about the latest challenges and innovations your marketplace is facing.

Meet our team members Ieva Balandyte and Yana Malcheuskaya.

Ieva Balandyte is a Senior Manager at RoyaltyRange with great experience in accounting and international business. Ieva speaks numerous languages like French, Lithuanian, English and Spanish.

She is responsible for database subscriptions and providing support for our customers. Different languages help to provide the highest quality customer service experience for our clients.

Yana Malcheuskaya is a Data Analyst at RoyaltyRange. She is responsible for the One Search department. Yana has been working for almost 5 years in our company and has a great knowledge of Transactional databases: Royalty Rates, Service Fees, and Loan Interest Rates. She has extensive experience in providing the best data output and set of reports for our customers. Yana provides support for our customers who don’t need a subscription, but want to receive a data set in 24 hours. If you have any further questions regarding the One Search service, please feel free to reach out to Yana.

Visit our booth and our team members – Ieva and Yana, will introduce possibilities of our newest Transfer Pricing solution – Companies database for CPM and TNMM benchmarking studies, also discuss features of other Transfer Pricing solutions – Royalty Rates, Service Fees, Loan Rates databases, and tools for TNMM and Royalties Benchmarking, DEMPE Analytics and Credit Rating Estimation.

Let‘s meet  9th Annual Corporate Tax and Transfer Pricing Summit at Courtyard, Berlin Germany on 1 – 2 February 2024.

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