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RoyaltyRange director Kris Rudzika in Palo Alto

Events RoyaltyRange is organizing

RoylatyRange is now offering a unique opportunity to learn and network with your peers online for no cost. Recently our company started organizing online webinars about benchmarking processes our professionals use every day. It’s a real insider’s look to the best tricks and tips on how to search for the data needed for complex benchmarking tasks, how to structure it and much more. We share the live demonstration on how to use various tools and answer to all the questions our viewers might have.

We have already hosted events about benchmarking loan interest rates and royalty rates. This week we are having an event about benchmarking royalty rates in Russian. You can find all the details about future webinars and watch back the old ones on our crowd cast profile. Feel free to follow us there for more free events and the most convenient learning experience.

A moment from RoyaltyRange webinar about benchmarking royalty rates

Events RoyaltyRange is attending

Like the previous year our director, Kris Rudzika attended TP Minds event at Silicon Valley. It’s an event with a focus on sharing insights and best practice advice on the latest TP challenges affecting the West Coast region. Kris shared that TP Minds is  a great place to meet old friends, colleagues and clients. He has attended quite a few transfer pricing events lately but TP Minds is his favorite.

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