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In strategic alliance with Deborah Hicks, we are able to offer access to international tax training, open courses, conferences and in-house training.

2017 Title Place Event type
23-25 October Transfer pricing in practice London Course
22-24 November Introduction to US international corporate taxation London Course
22 November US expat tax and finance: year-end planning London Conference
January US expatriate tax and finance Toronto Conference
March ITR Women in Tax New York Conference
March TP Minds International 2018 London Conference
March Virtual Tax Summit Worldwide Conference
November US expatriate tax year-end conference New Yor Conference
November Introduction to US international corporate taxation London Course
November ransfer pricing in practice London Course


Open international tax training courses and conferences:

DJH International Tax Ltd is a specialist provider of professional training courses and conferences on international tax topics.

The open training courses on offer cover a number of highly topical areas including:

  • Principles of international taxation
  • Principles and practice of transfer pricing
  • US international tax

Suitable for all practitioners looking to master these areas, the courses also have the advantage of being structured around several papers included in the ADIT – Advanced Diploma in International Tax – examinations, making them highly suitable for any professional interested in tackling one of these exams. With an average pass rate of 80% in the transfer pricing exam, compared with a general average of 47%, and 100% in the principles of international tax exam course participants benefit from delivery by expert tutors as well as comprehensive course material that makes use of relevant case studies to emphasise and illustrate the concepts covered. Combined, these qualities result in a series of practical, effective training sessions that quickly allow practitioners to develop confidence in their area(s) of interest.


DJH International Tax Ltd is an IRS-approved continuing education provider so their specialist conferences on US expatriate taxation provide participants with the opportunity to learn from a number of expert speakers while obtaining CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits. From time to time there are conferences on other international tax subjects, such as BEPS.

Training consultancy

DJH International Tax Ltd also collaborates with different organisations to provide in-house training on request, as well as help with organising open courses or conferences.

DJH International Tax was founded in 2010 by Deborah Hicks, who has worked in tax practice, publishing and training for more than 30 years.