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RoyaltyRange is a UK intellectual property royalty rate database. The RoyaltyRange database provides detailed data on the most recent agreements involving intellectual property. RoyaltyRange Europe is funded by European Union’s Structural Funds and Practica Capital, with a total share capital of EUR 850,000.

What are the benefits?
  • High quality data fully compliant with the OECD BEPS requirements.
  • Each agreement is manually analysed for more than 50 comparability factors.
  • Includes detailed functional, risk, cost and asset analysis where this information is available in the agreement.
  • Detailed manually prepared summaries of the agreement terms and comparability factors.
  • Fully analysed, clean, structured manually prepared data for each agreement.
  • No duplicates, redacted agreements, undisclosed remuneration terms, remuneration other than percentage.
  • Parties to the agreements are checked for independence by pulling data from other sources.
  • All information is provided in Excel or Word, together with links to original sources and all documents in .pdf.
  • The data is continually improving by constant usage, double checking and populating with new information.
  • Easy to perform analysis in a matter of hours by accepting or rejecting already analysed agreements and double checking for quality.

What is included in the database?

The database consists of royalty rate reports that contain manually gathered and analysed data, so each report is a result of deep and thorough analysis. The reports contain more than 50 detailed and standardised comparability factors of royalty rates and licensing terms. Each report is supplemented with original non-redacted agreements, as well as filings and other types of documents from which the data is gathered. Each report contains: a detailed analysis of the identification of intangibles and the legal owner of the intangibles, characterisation of the transaction involving intangibles, and royalty rate percentage; and a functional analysis section that contains a detailed functional, risk, cost and asset analysis.

All information contained in the RoyaltyRange database is fully compliant with the latest OECD BEPS guidance on transfer pricing aspects of intangibles published on 5th October of 2015 (Action 8). This was achieved by a close monitoring of relevant changes to the discussion draft reports over several years. As a result, every royalty rate report contained in our database is manually analysed by the team of our specialists according to the comparability criteria of intangibles contained in the Section D.2.1 "Comparability of Intangibles or rights in intangibles" of the final Action 8 report. For more information, please see RoyaltyRange BEPS Alert.

Development and preparation of the RoyaltyRange database is a two-step process, which includes: i) an automatic search using our proprietary tools; and ii) manual analyses and structuring of gathered data.

What is not included?

RoyaltyRange specialists analyse the data and add to the database only those agreements that comply with our strict quality standard criteria based on the newest OECD BEPS regulations. The following types of agreements are not included in the database:

  • Agreements between related parties (typically not included).
  • Agreements with undisclosed remuneration mechanisms.
  • Royalty-free agreements.
  • Agreements where royalties are expressed in other form than percentage.
  • Agreements with individuals, universities and other non-commercial entities (typically not included).
How many records are there? 

While developing the RoyaltyRange database, we have analysed and searched a large number of publicly available sources, including securities and exchange commissions, international court databases, stock exchanges, etc. When preparing our database, we have analysed more than 150,000 documents; the only agreements that are included in the database are ones that comply with the aforementioned strict quality standards.

How does our search service work?

There are three ways to get the data from the RoyaltyRange database. 

  1. Get unlimited access to our database by choosing our Subscription service.
  2. Receive royalty rate reports in accordance with your search criteria by requesting One Search. Please note, that you will receive your initial search results at no cost.
  3. Order Benchmarking Study report that analyses a transaction based on the search criteria provided by you.
How will working with RoyaltyRange save your time? 

One of the main advantages of RoyaltyRange is that the data does not require much additional work from the client’s side. This is why the agreements that cannot be used in real analysis were rejected during the database compilation process, so that our clients do not need to do this work each time. Moreover, the database consists of manually prepared royalty rate reports that already contain significant comparability analyses, including functional analysis performed in accordance with the OECD BEPS requirements. Our clients can perform analysis in a matter of hours by accepting or rejecting already analysed agreements and double checking for quality.