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Service fee data

Service fee data

RoyaltyRange is a premier-quality service fee data provider. The RoyaltyRange Service agreement database provides detailed data on the most recent agreements involving various types of services.

The Service agreements database consists of service fee reports that contain manually gathered and analyzed data, so each report is a result of a deep and thorough analysis. The reports contain 20 detailed and standardized comparability factors of service fees and service terms. Each report is supplemented with original agreements.

You can use our service fee data by:

  1. Placing a request with us, indicating your search strategy. Within hours, you will receive a list of potentially comparable agreements at no cost. If, after reviewing the results, you are happy with the selection, then you can purchase the complete set of data and attachments for a fee of EUR 500 (plus VAT). Try at no cost or read more.
  2. Ordering a benchmarking study. Order or read more.

RoyaltyRange Service agreement database contains service fee data for the following types of agreements:

Types of agreements: Fee type: Fee base: Industries:
Accounting services Acquisition fee Acquisition expense Airport services
Administrative services Advisory fee Adjusted invested asset Apparel
Advertising distribution services Agency fee Aggregate net asset value Banking
Advisory services Architect's fee Aggregate net income Chemical
Agency services Asset management fee Amount of placed bond Cosmetics
Architectural services Augmentation fee Average market value Ecology
Asset management services Base management fee Construction cost Electronics
Broker services Bonus fee Contract sales price Energy
Buying agency services Brokerage commission Cost of investment Engineering
Building construction services Buying commission Cost of work Food
Construction management Close out fee EBITDA Healthcare
Construction services Commercial management fee Excess cash flow Hospitality
Consulting services Commission Financing amount Information Technology
Distribution services Compensation for basic services F.O.B. price Insurance
Executive services Construction management fee Funding Loan brokerage
Financial advisory services Construction services fee Gross cash Logistics
Investment banking service Contractor's fee Gross equity Mining
Investment management Corporate overhead reimbursement Gross income Railways
Lease Data center fee Gross invoice value Real Estate
Management consulting Debt financing fee Gross loan amount REIT
Management services Development fee Gross proceed Telecommunication
Placing agency services Disposition fee Gross profit Waste management
Procurement services Early start work fee Gross rent  
Property management services Excess inventory commission Gross revenue  
Reinsurance brokerage Expense reimbursement Gross sale  
Reseller services Fee Gross written premium  
Sales agency services FF&E fee Lease payment  
Solicitation agency service Financing fee Net asset value  
Sourcing services Finder's fee Net billing  
Technical services Import agent fee Net invoice price  
Technology outsourcing Incentive management fee Net receipt  
Underwriting services Initial administration fee Net sale  
  Installation fee Operating cash flow  
  Investment management fee Real estate commission  
  Labour administration fee    
  Leasing fee    
  Management fee    
  Marketing support fee    
  Merchant goods fee    
  NOI fee    
  Operations fee     
  Origination fee     
  Oversight fee     
  Percentage fee     
  Performance fee     
  Placing commission     
  Property acquisition fee     
  Property management fee     
  Quarterly fee     
  Real estate commission fee     
  Redevelopment fee     
  Referral fee     
  Sales commission     
  Search fee     
  Servicing fee    
  Solicitation commission     
  Subscription processing fee     
  Success fee     
  Supplier variance commission     
  Transaction fee    
  Underwriting fee