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We are the European premier quality
royalty rate database.
We provide data on third party licence
agreements and licencing terms.

  • High quality data fully compliant with the OECD BEPS requirements.
  • Each agreement is manually analysed for more than 50 comparability factors.
  • Includes detailed functional, risk, cost and asset analysis where this information is available in the agreement.
  • Detailed manually prepared summaries of the agreement terms and comparability factors.
  • Fully analysed, clean and structured data for each agreement.


Subscribe to the database and perform your analysis efficiently with our already analysed and clean data.

  • Perform as many searches as you need for your projects.
  • Customise and refine your search strategy to your specific requirements.
  • Find the most relevant data.
  • Download an unlimited number of agreement reports (for 6-month and 1-year unlimited subscription options).

All subscription plans include interactive live training on how to use our database. This web-based walk-through training is performed by our consultants at your convenience upon your request. During the subscription term, unlimited telephone and online LiveChat support is available. Please feel free to contact us immediately to discuss the search strategies applied, results obtained, and best practices.

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Benchmarking study

What is the market royalty rate for licensing a clothing brand? Is a 5% royalty rate for licensing your technology too low in comparison with the rates applied by third parties? Did your client set a market royalty rate when granting a licence to its subsidiary? Our benchmarking study would allow you to address these questions.

  • A detailed report with a write-up of the entire search process, including the search strategy applied, a description of the quantitative and qualitative screening steps taken, the final list of comparable agreements, and a calculation of a market royalty rate range based on the comparable agreements.
  • An appendix with a list of primary royalty rate reports that are selected during the quantitative screening step, including elimination reasons for the rejected agreements.
  • Original sources of the final set of comparable agreements in PDF format.

All agreements are manually analysed, rejected or selected, so that the final set consists only of agreements with the most comparable licensing terms. We use these agreements to conduct a Comparable Uncontrolled Price (CUP) analysis in order to calculate a royalty rate range that complies with the arm’s length principle, i.e. any royalty rate within this range is deemed to be at market rate.

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About us

RoyaltyRange is a UK intellectual property royalty rates database. With locations in the UK, Belgium and Italy we serve industry leading multinational enterprises, global consulting companies, international law firms, government authorities and universities in more than 40 countries.

RoyaltyRange Europe is funded by European Union’s Structural Funds and Practica Capital, with a total share capital of EUR 850,000.

RoyaltyRange is featured in the publications by World Bank Group (WBG), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and United Nations (UN).

Where can you use our data

We for you and you can finalize your intellectual property analysis in a matter of hours. You can use our royalty data reports for tax, transfer pricing, valuation, legal, patent box and benchmarking purposes.

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