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Whole transfer pricing product

A powerful all-in-one solution for all types of transfer pricing analyses

  • Company financials database for TNMM, Cost plus and Resale minus analysis
  • Royalty rates, Service fees and Loan interest rates databases for CUT/CUP analysis
  • TP benchmarking tool for performing TNMM benchmarking studies
  • Royalty rates benchmarking tool for performing CUT/CUP royalty rates benchmarking studies
  • DEMPE and credit rating estimation tools.

Everything you need for transfer pricing in one place

Databases and tools

Determine pricing for cross-border transactions within multinational enterprises simply and accurately, using our all-in-one transfer pricing database.

Proof of quality

Trusted by over 1,000 clients across 70+ countries, our transfer pricing solution puts the right tools and databases in your hands, delivering the high-quality data and intelligence you need to set arm’s-length pricing for cross-boarder transactions between group entities.

Transfer pricing databases

  • Company financials database

    Company financials database

    Get all the detailed company financials you need to conduct a TNMM comparables analysis, from P&L and balance sheet to financial ratios, with our database specifically designed for transfer pricing.

    • Fast, intuitive interface
    • Financial ratios
    • Easy access to global financial data from over 30 million companies
    • Easy-to-review company data
    • 65 filters for transfer pricing search
    • Direct and indirect ownership information and filters
    • Efficient keyword search and keyword suggestions
    • NACE/SIC activity code search
    • Company website addresses and detailed company descriptions
    • Transfer pricing ratio filtering, e.g. Berry ratio
    • Rich data, including COGS, gross profit, FTE and inventories
    • Visual ownership charts showing connected entities, with the ability to click each entity to review it in detail
    • Original company filings for download
    • Export options with different views and formats

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  • Royalty rates database

    Royalty rates database

    Get premium-quality data on third-party license agreements with our royalty rates database.

    • High-quality data that complies with the requirements of the OECD BEPS
    • Financial ratios
    • Manually compiled and constantly reviewed by our team of expert data analysts
    • Wide range of filter options
    • Agreements that are manually analyzed for more than 50 comparability factors
    • Detailed functional, risk, cost and asset analyses
    • Detailed summaries of the agreement terms and comparability factors
    • Fully analyzed, clean and structured data for each agreement

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  • Loan interest rates database

    Loan interest rates database

    Get high-quality comparables data on third-party loan agreements, including credit ratings and interest rates, with our loan interest rates database.

    • Premium-quality financial transactions data that is compliant with the OECD’s guidelines and US Treas. Reg. §1.482
    • Most recent third-party loan agreements that have been analyzed for 30 comparability factors
    • In-depth overviews of credit ratings, financing terms, currencies, interest rates, fees, collateral, repayment terms and other comparability factors

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  • Service fees database

    Service fees database

    Get high-quality transfer pricing comparables data on third-party service agreements with our service fees database.

    • Detailed data on recent agreements for 30 service types, including distribution, management, agency and procurement
    • High-quality data that complies with guidelines from the OECD and US Treas. Reg. §1.482
    • Data that is manually analyzed for up to 20 comparability factors
    • Agreements with 60 types of fees, including sales commissions, management fees, brokerage commissions and agent fees
    • Agreements with remuneration based on 30 fee bases, including sales, cost, EBITDA and asset value

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Transfer pricing tools

  • TNMM benchmarking tool

    Our benchmarking tool for transfer pricing

    Save time and improve your results when using our company financials database and our transfer pricing benchmarking tool.

    • Fully customizable and easy-to-use tool
    • Easy-to-review premium-quality data from over 85 million companies worldwide
    • Acceptance and rejection criteria
    • Calculation method selection, including pooled variance, weighted average, net cost plus, EBIT margin, gross profit mark-up, and Berry ratio
    • Detailed benchmarking study report available as an Excel download

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  • Royalty benchmarking tool

    Royalty benchmarking tool

    Automate your benchmarking analysis with our tool and save up to a week of your time by leveraging more than 3,000 hours of manual analysis behind it.

    • Fully customizable and easy to use
    • Acceptance and rejection criteria
    • Royalty rate selection
    • Calculations already applied by our experienced team
    • Automatic rejection of comparables that cannot be used in a transfer pricing analysis
    • Detailed write-up available as an Excel download

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  • DEMPE analytics tool

    DEMPE analytics tool

    Conduct quick, easy and accurate analyses with our DEMPE functional analysis tool.

    • Fast and intuitive interface
    • Real-time calculations
    • Accurate results
    • User-friendly table-based tool that asks you standardized questions
    • Pre-populated tables and rollover guidance make it simple to use

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  • Credit rating estimation tool

    Credit rating estimation tool

    Calculate the credit rating of a borrower in a transaction quickly and accurately, based on company financials, with our credit rating estimation tool.

    • Fast and intuitive interface
    • Accurate results
    • Based on well-known and widely used Altman Z-score
    • Simply enter available company financial information and automate the rest

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With all our solutions you get…

Flexible subscription options to suit you

Fast, intuitive interface making transfer pricing benchmarking process effortless

Live phone and chat support ready to help you get the most out of our solutions

Unlock all the benefits of our all-in-one solution

  • One platform for all your transfer pricing needs

    Start achieving increasing returns from using a single platform for all your transfer pricing analyses. With one powerful login, you will have all the tools and data you need at your fingertips.

  • Fast, reliable data and tools

    Our range of transfer pricing solutions provide the data and tools you can rely on – just like other leading organizations around the world do.

  • Flexible, simple integration

    Activate all our solutions, or just the ones you need, with a subscription package tailored to you. A range of export and download options mean our tools slot right into your process.

How it works

You can get started with our all-in-one transfer pricing solution in three simple steps.

Step 1: Try it for free

Request a demo using the button below and try it for yourself – for free.

Step 2: Tailor it to your organization

Talk to us and we’ll tailor a subscription package to your needs, activating any combination of our transfer pricing databases and tools to suit your projects.

Step 3: Get help when you need it

We’ll be on hand to help you get the most from our products, with live phone and chat support whenever you need it.

Why RoyaltyRange?

At RoyaltyRange, we provide transfer pricing data that is trusted by clients around the world, including tax authorities, international consulting companies and multinational enterprises.
With our range of databases, covering private company financials, royalty rates, service fees and loan interest rates, and tools for benchmarking, DEMPE analysis and estimating credit ratings, you can access everything you need for accurate transfer pricing, all in one place.
Join over 1,000 clients in over 70 countries in using our transfer pricing solutions.

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Try it for free

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