How much are royalties?


If you are licensing your intellectual property, you need to be able to recognize whether a royalty rate is reasonable. Depending on the circumstances, you will either need to set the royalty rate for the agreement, or decide whether a rate that a licensee has asked for is fair. If you accept a rate that is too low, you may lose out on potential earnings; but, if you ask for a rate that is too high, you risk losing out on the deal. In this article, we explain how to find reliable, up-to-date information on royalties set for different industries to help you answer the question ‘How much are royalties?’.

Knowing what royalty rate to set or accept

The most reliable way to understand how much royalties should be in your industry is to look at real royalty rates set by other organizations. Industry royalty rates change regularly, so analyzing the latest data is the only way to be sure that you’re looking at the most up-to-date royalty rates.

The quickest and easiest way to find the latest royalty rates for your industry is to use a royalty rates database like RoyaltyRange. This lets you search by keyword, intellectual property type and more, and provides you with a full breakdown of the royalties set in relevant licensing agreements.

How much are royalties for a song?

If you’re looking for music royalties, you can search the RoyaltyRange database to find the latest data on music licensing deals. The agreements in our database span a wide range of licensing deals – from licensing the right to manufacture, sell and promote a single to licensing the right to digitally transmit master recordings as downloads. When you use our One Search tool, there is no cost for the initial search, so you can check we have the data you need before paying for anything.

If you need music royalties data now, we have a pre-prepared music royalty report that you can find and download instantly.

How much are royalties for TV shows?

You can search the RoyaltyRange database to find data on royalties for TV shows. Our database contains the latest agreements for a diverse range of licensing deals, from licensing the right to assets in connection with airing a TV show, to licensing the right to trademarks for use in advertising and promotion activities via radio, television, magazines and the internet. There are agreements in our database for all different geographies, from global contracts and contracts in specific countries to more complex territory agreements. You can search the database at no cost with our One Search tool, letting you check we have the TV royalties data you need before paying.

How much are royalties for your industry?

Whatever industry you’re working in, you can find the latest royalties by searching the RoyaltyRange database. We have pre-prepared royalty reports for a number of industries, which are ideal if you need royalties data instantly. Or you can use our One Search service to get a bespoke royalty rates report based on your specific search criteria.

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