Our company financials database: now available to use with One Search


It’s now even easier to obtain comparables for TNMM analysis with One Search service of our company financials database.

Previously only available through a subscription, the company financials database is now accessible to anyone wanting to receive detailed financial, ownership and company data of over 85 million entities worldwide on ad-hoc basis.

Kris Rudzika, Managing Partner at RoyaltyRange, says: “Financial professionals performing transfer pricing analysis often contact us to see if they can perform a one-off search of our company financials database. It’s great that we can now say yes, you can.”

“Companies and institutions all around the world use our company financials database for transfer pricing. Up until now, it’s been available exclusively with a subscription. Well, now you can access the same premium-quality data as and when you need it with One Search.”

Find out more and use One Search to benefit from our company financials database.

Our company financials database: a purpose-built tool for TNMM comparables analyses

Our company financials database has the highest quality data for over 85 million companies worldwide, and now you can benefit from it even without a subscription.

With One Search, you can perform a quick search to find relevant comparables for your transfer pricing analysis, and get only the detailed financial information you need, including P&L, balance sheet and financial ratios.

All you need to do is define your initial search criteria by entering keywords, NACE/SIC activity codes, the relevant regions, shareholder information and the time period you’re interested in. You can also specify attributes such as profit level, turnover range and the number of employees.

Our team of specialists takes care of the rest for you and sends you a sample report from your search results to review. You simply let us know you’re happy and we send the full report right over to you.

In your results, as well as company financials, you get detailed information such as direct and indirect company ownership, company descriptions and company addresses.

Our company financials database is a powerful transfer pricing tool – one that saves your time and effort and one that’s now available to use for one-off searches.

You can read more about the company financials database’s features.

How to use our company financials database

You can now use the company financials database in two different ways: with One Search or with a subscription. Simply follow the steps below to get started.

One Search

Step 1: Input your search criteria

Enter your search criteria on the form here – including keywords, relevant codes and territory, data range, and other details.

Step 2: Review and accept your results

Within hours, you’ll receive a sample report from your search. You can review the report at no cost at all and accept it only if it meets your requirements.

Step 3: Make a one-off payment to download the results

Once you’re happy the search results are exactly what you need, you can get access to the full report for a one-off payment of €1200.



Step 1: Choose your subscription plan

Explore the subscription plans, which include weekly and yearly options, and select the databases you need access to.

Step 2: Get a free demo

You can see how our databases work for yourself before you take out a subscription. Get in touch, and we’ll arrange a full online demo for you, during which we can even perform a test search with any search strategy you like. Get your free trial by filling in this form.

Step 3: Request your subscription

To request a subscription to our company financials database, fill out the form, or email us, letting us know which plan you’re interested in. We can also tailor a subscription package specially for you to make sure the database meets your organization’s needs.

Step 4: Start using the database

As soon as you’ve got your subscription, you can start enjoying unlimited access to all the data. Our team will be on hand via live phone and chat support to help you get the most out of our subscription.

Even more ways you can improve your transfer pricing process

If you want access to comparable company financials to conduct a TNMM comparables analysis, our database, trusted by organizations around the world, is exactly what you need.

And now it’s even more convenient – you can use the company financials database on a one-off basis with no tie-ins, by using One Search.

For those needing regular unlimited access to our premium tools and databases, our range of flexible subscription packages is still available.

Learn more about how our company financials database can improve your transfer pricing process here or get in touch to arrange a free demo at a time to suit you.

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