Service agreement data


RoyaltyRange launched new Service fee database and our clients can now access the quality service agreement data. The new Service fee database provides detailed data on the most recent agreements involving various types of services.



The Service fee database consists of service fee reports that contain manually gathered and analyzed data, so each report is a result of a deep and thorough analysis. The reports contain 20 detailed and standardized comparability factors of service fees and service terms. Each report is supplemented with original agreements.

30 types of agreements: administrative services, advisory services, buying agency services, construction management services, consulting services, distribution services, financial advisory services, management consulting services, placing agency services, property management services, reinsurance brokerage, sales agency services, sourcing services, technology outsourcing services, and many more.

60 fee types: agency fee, bonus fee, brokerage commission, buying commission, contractor’s fee, development fee, finder’s fee, investment management fee, management fee, marketing support fee, performance fee, referral fee, sales commission, success fee, and many more.

30 fee base types: acquisition expense, construction cost, cost of work, EBITDA, F.O.B. price, gross profit, gross revenue, net asset value, and more.

20 industries: banking, chemical, energy, engineering, IT, insurance, mining, real estate, telecommunication, and other.

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