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RoyaltyRange is an intellectual property royalty rate database. RoyaltyRange database provides easy-to-use reliable and detailed data on the most recent licence agreements covering Europe. The database may be used for:

  • transfer pricing analysis;
  • benchmarking studies;
  • Patent Box analysis;
  • introduction of royalty payments;
  • setting royalty rates;
  • drafting licence agreements;
  • determining common agreement terms;
  • valuation of intangibles;
  • expert testimony and litigation;
  • consulting services.

RoyaltyRange database is a useful tool for European businesses using intangible property to introduce, negotiate or amend licence agreements. RoyaltyRange database contains detailed data on intangible property licensing terms in various industries.

By analysing aggregated data on many agreements in the same industry, you will not only be able to determine the appropriate remuneration for certain types of intangibles, but also determine important tendencies, e.g. that tradenames are rarely licensed in certain industries (heavy industries) where predominently technology know-how is licensed, or that in certain sectors net sales is preferred as a base for royalty calculations over gross sales, etc.

These sophisticated results of your analysis will allow you to correctly identify the intangible property to be licensed, set or negotiate the royalty rate and calculation base, properly draft licence agreements, and determine the requisite terms.

The main features of the database are presented below.

Territory. Royalty rate data covers mainly Europe (certain European countries), and also encompasses worldwide territory.

Licensing period. Only recent years are covered, with royalty rates mostly relating to the licensing period between 2005 and the present day.

Arm's length principle. Agreements in the database were typically concluded between unrelated parties.

Functional analysis. The database contains a detailed functional, risk and asset analysis.

OECD compliant. The data incorporates the requirements of OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and is fully compliant with the latest OECD Guidance on Transfer Pricing Aspects of Intangibles, released with the final reports under the BEPS initiative (Action 8) on 5th of October, 2015.

Comparability. RoyaltyRange reports contain more than 50 detailed standardised comparability factors on royalty rates and licensing terms.

Reliable and detailed data. All the data is gathered and analysed manually, so each royalty rate report is a result of deep and thorough analysis. 

Data sources. The RoyaltyRange database is compiled using public sources from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines and Singapore.

Search possibilities. The database has the facility to search for royalty rates using European NACE, as well as US SIC industry and activity classification codes or simply by industry or activity description.

Search strategy. Free live advice on how to supplement and tailor your search strategy to get the most out of your search.

Other features. (i) Royalty rate data is typically based on agreements between profit-seeking business entities and does not contain agreements between non-profit organisations or individuals; (ii) the database contains data on profit split allowing the use of transactional profit split method; (iii) each data report is supplemented with original unredacted agreements, as well as filings and other types of documents the data is gathered from; (iv) royalty rates are always disclosed and expressed in percentages.