How to find patent royalty rates by industry


How to find patent royalty rates by industry

Do you need to find patent royalty rates by industry? On this page, we’ve provided a few tips on how to make sure the patent royalties data you find is accurate and reliable for your analysis.

Make sure the royalties you find are real and recent

When you need to quickly find patent royalty rates by industry, it can be tempting to rely on generic ‘industry averages’ that are openly published online. However, this approach can be risky. You cannot always be sure that the royalty rates are gathered from reliable sources. Plus, as industry royalty rates are constantly evolving, there’s a chance that such averages are out of date.

The only way to be sure that the patent royalty rates you find are real and recent is to use an established royalty rates database. This approach makes it quick and easy to find actual royalty data, just by typing in your search criteria. At RoyaltyRange, all our data is drawn from real license agreements between independent parties, so you can be sure you’re seeing the latest rates.

How to find patent royalty rates by industry

Find data that is comparable to your product and patent

Patent licensing deals are complex, which means that finding data on them should involve some analysis. There are many components that can affect the royalty rate.

For a start, the products that are being licensed may be made up of multiple IP types, not just patents. For example, the inventor may license their patent, know-how and technology rights for a product. Also, patented products can be licensed at different stages of development. These factors can significantly affect the royalty rate being charged in the license agreement.

As such, when searching for royalty rates by industry, you need to tailor your search to make sure these factors are taken into account. You can easily do this with the RoyaltyRange database.

The benefits of using a patent royalty rates database

When you use a database to find patent royalty rates by industry, you get:

  • Peace of mind that the market patent royalty rates you find are real and up to date. Our data is drawn from actual license agreements involving patents, and is updated regularly.
  • The ability to find royalty rates for patent license agreements that are comparable to your product, patent, market and circumstances.
  • The chance to dig down into your industry and find royalty rates for specific markets. For example, rather than just searching ‘fashion’, you could search for ‘ceremonial apparel’.

Get real benchmarks for patent royalties in your industry

When setting royalty rates for a patented invention, it is useful to look into average royalty rates in your industry. However, averages do not always convey the range of royalty rates within industries. This is why a benchmarking study is helpful. It shows you the minimum, maximum, quartile, median and interquartile range for royalty rates in your specified industry or market.

Here at RoyaltyRange, we offer two types of benchmarking studies: readymade and tailored.

Our readymade benchmarking studies are pre-prepared reports on certain industries or markets, which you can download instantly.

Our tailored benchmarking studies are prepared specifically for you. The experts perform a search, based on your criteria, and analyze the relevant agreements to produce your bespoke report.

Readymade benchmarking studies

Here are just some of the industries and product categories you can download readymade royalty rate benchmarking studies for. These studies all include license agreements involving patents.

  • Automotive
  • Ceremonial apparel
  • Dairy and general food products
  • Doors, windows, shutters and metal gates
  • Drugs and medical devices
  • Electrical equipment and components
  • Food industry
  • Heat exchangers (for refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial applications)
  • Heating equipment and thermoregulators
  • Logistics sector
  • Machinery (for agriculture and forestry)
  • Machinery (within the metallurgy sector)
  • Metal production
  • Paint for leather and textiles
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Pet food
  • Public displays
  • Recycling industry
  • Short-range wireless devices and electrical components

Bespoke benchmarking studies

If you need a benchmarking study that focuses specifically on patent license agreements, our team can create a bespoke benchmarking study for you. It will be fully tailored to your search criteria.

Find patent royalty rates by industry today

To start your search for patent royalties in your industry, head to the bottom of this page. There, you will find the purchase forms for our services. Find out more about each service below.

  • Benchmarking studies: An in-depth comparison of patent royalty rates for your product and industry.
  • Readymade benchmarking studies: A pre-prepared version of our benchmarking study, with options available for various industries and markets. Can be downloaded instantly.
  • One Search: A one-off search of our database, with a full royalty rates report.
  • Readymade One Search: Pre-prepared royalty rates reports for various industries and markets. Can be downloaded instantly.


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