Trademark royalties by industry


Trademark royalties by industry

The royalty rates you can charge for licensing a trademark differ by industry. When you’re entering into a trademark license agreement, or you’re carrying out a transfer pricing analysis on an intercompany transfer of trademark rights, it’s helpful to know what rates are typical in the industry. At RoyaltyRange, we produce bespoke royalty rate reports and benchmarking studies to help you get an accurate idea of what trademark royalties companies are charging in comparable deals.

Below, we look at different trademark royalties by industry and how to find averages and ranges.

Trademark royalties by industry

Trademark royalties in the food industry

Trademarks are commonly licensed in the food industry. They can be valuable because they carry the reputation of the brand, which is essential in an industry that is so focused on quality and the safety of its ingredients. By licensing their trademark, food brands are able to extend into new markets that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Sometimes, they can even expand into entirely different industries that have nothing to do with food. For example, sweets brand Skittles has a range of lip balms with cosmetics brand Lip Smacker. The balms are made by Lip Smacker, but use the trademark, trade name and logo of Skittles as part of a trademark licensing agreement.

We can help you find recent trademark royalty rates for a huge range of food and drink products and services. Here are just some of the categories we have trademark license agreements on:

  • Alcohol and other beverages
  • Coffee
  • Dairy
  • Fruits
  • Food packaging
  • Meat and pâté products
  • Meat, prepared meals, soups, canned food, vegetables, salami and sausage products
  • Selection, processing and packing of legumes and cereals

This is just a small selection of the categories our database covers. When you request a royalty rates report, you’ll specify your search criteria and we’ll find the relevant data for your product.

We can prepare a full royalty rates report for you, focusing on trademark royalties in your industry.

Fashion industry trademark royalties

Fashion is another industry within which trademark licensing is common. It is a way of enabling designers to reach new markets, without having to develop the products. For example, Liberty London often licenses its iconic trademarked floral prints to be used on a range of products – from dresses and duvet covers to cushions and notebooks. This enables the brand to continue profiting from the popularity of the prints, without having to develop new product ranges every time.

By using the RoyaltyRange database, you’ll find real trademark royalty rates for your product or service. This is just a small selection of the fashion trademark royalties we have data on:

  • Ceremonial apparel
  • Women’s clothing, accessories and shoes
  • Production of clothing, apparel accessories and shoes

When you submit your search request, you’ll be able to narrow your search criteria using keywords and receive a report of comparable royalty rates for the product or service you have specified.

Royalties for pharmaceutical trademarks

In the pharmaceutical industry, trademarks are hugely important as consumers use them to identify the brands they trust. For example, a consumer may feel more comfortable buying a product like ibuprofen from a well-established trademark like Nurofen than a lesser-known brand (even though the products may be similar). The trademark carries a strong reputation and the consumer knows that they can trust it. Pharmaceutical brand owners often license their trademark rights to third-party manufacturers so that they can make, sell and develop the licensor’s products.

You can find the pharmaceutical trademark royalties data you need in the RoyaltyRange database. When you submit your search request, you can use the keyword search filter to narrow down your search to your specific requirements (‘immunostimulants’, ‘active ingredients’, ‘leukemia treatment’, etc.), and we’ll produce a tailored royalty rates report based around your specific search criteria.

Other trademark royalties by industry

We have outlined just a few of the industries you can find trademark royalties for in the RoyaltyRange database, but we have data from a huge range of industries and can produce reports on even the most niche markets. We are constantly adding new data to our database. Here is just a small selection of the product and service categories we have trademark royalties data on:

  • Automotive
  • Building materials
  • Cloud computing
  • Construction
  • Doors, windows, shutters and metal gates
  • Drugs and medical devices
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electricity production
  • Heat exchangers
  • Lighting products
  • Logistics
  • Machinery
  • Metal waste and scrap
  • Parquet and flooring
  • Pet food
  • Public displays
  • TV and internet services
  • Trading of metals

Find trademark royalties for your industry

With RoyaltyRange, it’s quick and easy to find real trademark royalties by industry. Simply enter your search criteria in the One Search box on the right, and our team will produce a full report of relevant license agreements in our database, including the trademark royalties that were charged.

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