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ONE SEARCH (service agreements)

The search service is a fast and convenient way to get premium-quality and relevant data on service agreements the same or next day following your request.

Do you need to prepare your deliverable by tomorrow, or even today? Do you want to make use of our knowledge of the database and experience when performing hundreds of similar searches? You just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Place a request with us, indicating your search strategy; within hours, you will receive a list of potentially comparable agreements at no cost.
  2. Review the detailed information on each service agreement, including object, territory, fee, fee base, fee type, other remuneration terms, etc. Make sure that this is relevant and contains a sufficient number of reports (typically it does, based on our experience of performing many similar searches).
  3. Make a payment of EUR 500 (plus VAT) using any major credit card or via bank transfer (please provide billing details for the invoice).
  4. Receive‎ all service agreement reports relating to your search strategy, including full details on up to 20 comparability factors for each agreement, links to original sources, and full texts of original agreements and filings. Please let us know if, for practical purposes, you would like to receive only certain reports.

Additionally, you may find the following useful:

  • Give us a call or let’s connect via LiveChat.
  • Do you want us to perform a benchmarking study for you? Place a benchmarking study request ‎(our fee is EUR 1,500 (plus VAT).
  • Refine your search strategy and get additional potentially comparable agreements at no cost.
  • For an additional fee of EUR 200 (plus VAT) we will provide a detailed RoyaltyRange search strategy write-up for your own documentation and filing purposes.‎ Please indicate a requirement of this in your request.

We look forward to your request.